How to choose a good kitchen faucet
Sep 09 2022

The kitchen is an important place for cooking food. It is equipped with various household appliances, sinks, and kitchen faucets. The faucet is the most basic small part of the kitchen, but its role cannot be ignored. A beautifully used kitchen faucet can not only enhance the beauty of the entire kitchen, but also facilitate people's daily life. So, how should we choose a good kitchen faucet?


1. Choose from the faucet structure

The faucet structure can be divided into ceramic valve core single handle faucet and 90° switch faucet. The kitchen faucet with this valve core has the advantages of convenient operation and flexibility, and is the most popular in terms of existing product structure.

2. Materials

Materials are zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel. Since the water from the kitchen faucet is directly edible, please try to choose the kitchen faucet with good quality, health and environmental protection, and it is best to choose a faucet with a copper content of 59%.

3. Surface treatment

The surface treatment of the kitchen faucet includes plated, brushed, frosted, and antique. Choose the kitchen faucet that suits your style according to your own decoration style.


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