Various types of faucets
Apr 01 2022

The function of the faucet is to control the water outlet switch of the water pipe and the quality of the water flow. It is widely used in different applications, including homes, hotels, kitchens, garden landscapes, bathing places, etc. People often lack the knowledge when they select the faucets for their home or business. Threrefore, we will firstly introduce several categories of faucets from their use function.


1. Basin faucet: Installed on the basin, used to mix cold water, hot water or hot and cold water, the water pipe can be concealed in the wall.


2. Bathtub faucet: Installed on the top of one side of the bathtub, or standing floor type. Used to turn on hot and cold mixed water.


3. Kitchen faucet: Installed on the kitchen sink, it is multi-functional, with a hose design, which can be elongated and rotated in direction for washing.


4. Shower mixer: Installed above the shower door to turn on the mixed water of cold and hot water. The valve is also mostly made of brass, with chrome, brushed gold, matt black and other color for choosing, and the faucet with all-in-one functions such as top spray, faucets and shower taps are combine together, which user-friendly design is convenient for people's daily life.



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